Flightview Plus App Reviews

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Very nice

The application help me a lot in my work

Not bad, although....

Seems to lack the ability to track some (in my personal, limited experience) local (international) flights ie Tokyo to other Japanese airports etc. Otherwise does as advertised from what I can see.

Good stuff

Really user friendly, but about adding the price of each flight....

Well done

Very useful and more accurate than airline websites

Excellent App!

This app has great functionality and is easy to use. Well designed and definitely a good value for the money.


Faster updates on the airlines site, even expedia had the info before this app. Dont waste your money.


Because this app showed a problem with times....that did not work !!! I called the airline and corrected the problem...the airline did not contact me...without this app I may not have known of the problem until too late!! great app.....buy it!!


The best


Only one word "Awesome"



Reliable and useful

Use it every time I travel

Works great

Tells me everything I need to know

Great Purchase

Purchased this app and it keeps me on track with flights and times. Thumbs Up!!

Flight view


Fix tracking of international flights!

Nice for tracking local flights however it doesnt track international flights :(.

Great app.

Love it. Especially being able to check the incoming connecting flight. I also mapped a long overdue incoming flight to discover that it had to make detour to avoid a huge storm.

Very accurate

Great app!!!! Very accurate and up to date!!!

Not good

Cannot zoom on map Aircraft; also if flight delayed or missed approach or cancelled do not show real time tracking (in last two example will show on ground at destination!) Not worth the buy (flightaware is a better app) basically not reliable app.

Excellent App

Very accurate. Gave me peace of mind when tracking family members during their trip...Highly recommended...


This app has kept easy track of any flights and has also saved me from going to the wrong gates. I was surprised about how it helped me with a gate change at a connection that happened while I was in the air. Best flight tracking app!

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